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Our Values

 Driven to bring the best possible solution and results. 

OneCo HK Ltd is genuine and passionate about serving our clients and driven to bring the best possible solution and results. We adopt a growth mindset to continuously develop personally, and professionally, by surrounding ourselves with individuals who are successful in their own area,  to seek good advice and learn the tricks of the trade. We strive to be innovative and flexible in finding the best approach to help our clients and commit to being honest and always respectful and supportive of others. 

OneCo HK Ltd cares about child development, education, poverty, climate-change and equality among others.  In addition, OneCo HK Ltd practices a high standard of ethics and social responsibility. 

How We Work



To understand objectives and set measurable goals.



Selection of the approach, solution and strategies to match your required results.



Using a broad-brush approach to achieve your required results.


Our Director

Den Enguillo moved to Hong Kong as a child in the 1990’s. Over the years, he has worked with various companies to gain experience and support his work for private charities.

As a company director, he brings over 20 years of experience and competence in Sales, Operations, Customer Service, Project Management and Volunteering.

Den is an accomplished manager with a strong sense of responsibility. In a multi-cultural and MNC environment, he is described as optimistic in outlook and excels in crisis management. Colleagues complement his honesty, strong interpersonal and communication skills, as well as his enthusiasm in establishing long-term relationships with stakeholders. 


Den’s crisis management skills got us through difficult times. He definitely steps up, initiates and implements solutions.

Very professional and works independently. He’s an honest and hardworking individual.

I have worked with Den in many capacities for a number of years, working as I do with many sales and marketing professionals it is refreshing to talk with someone who understands the market and can direct the communications message in the most effective manner. Den has a positive attitude and finds solutions, not problems. His mind set and willingness to look at all options makes him a real asset.