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Our Services

Remote sales, marketing communication and administration services.

Sales and Marketing

Business to Business and Business to Consumer
Whether you are aiming to partner with another company or looking into engaging an individual consumer, OneCo HK Ltd will provide a concentrated approach to identify and bring your products closer to the targeted audience.

Business to Business

OneCo follows a simple yet crucial process to be successful in B2B;
 Identifying and connecting with prospects.
  Positioning and asking the right questions.
 Building rapport, provide excellent care and focus on the benefit to your client.
 Strategize and work together to achieve common goals.
 Close a good deal or respectfully walk away from a bad deal, no matter what, don’t burn bridges.
 Remember to celebrate whatever the result maybe.  

Business to Consumer

This is where OneCo’s frontline customer service experience shines. In order to enlarge customer base and guarantee return of customers, we believe that it is essential to;
 Provide an excellent service.
 Employ clear and effective communication.
 Have a consistent customer-centric sales process



Database and Tele-research, Executive Surveys, Surveys, Interviews

The benefits of Research & Development are clear and should not be underestimated:

It increases productivity, helps companies reduce cost through a more efficient product or process and it provides a platform for creativity and innovations to flourish which allows the company to develop new products or enhance its services to remain sustainable.

In-depth surveys allow you to get a grasp of current trends and truly understand what’s on your consumers mind, not to mention increasing your customer database and opportunities to enlarge your market.

Sourcing a talented executive to join your team could be time consuming and costly. We have the confidence and competency to ask the difficult questions and get an independent reference necessary to minimises the risk, helping in your decision-making when it comes to the suitability of the candidate for your business. 


Customer Service Mangement and customized administrative services

Customer service management is the art of servicing your customer in the best possible way. The company-client relationship is perhaps the single most important factor at play in determining business success. It is used to gather customer data, and provide a better user client experience. 

Customer service management with OneCo HK Ltd gives businesses a way to interact with customers that gives them a pleasant experience as well as being able to manage customers in an organised way. Using OneCo HK Ltd will help:

IMPROVE inter-company communication.

PROMOTE better customer support and, consequently, quicker problem resolution.

RETAIN and develop a core customer base.